The Next #1 Economy in the World

With the growth in India, lots of interesting stories emerging on the India potential. The below link is from one of the many analysts who send out such reports, a prediction of India as the most populous and the highest GDP country in the world. Please only read the first page:

Another story predicting that the Indian middle class will be the largest in the world in 2030, albeit in PPP terms. Please only read until page 7 of The New Global Middle Class

A story that I took delight in, and have a personal stake in, is the Economist one on the Twilight of the Management Gurus. I always used the Drucker line that I am called a guru because charlatan is too difficult to pronounce / spell 🙂 It was amazing the number of Indians who went to US to pursue a PhD in the 70s & 80s. Many of them ended up dominating B school professorships. Then around 20 years ago, we saw the number start to fall of Indian PhD students. Now we have hardly any at top business schools so the next generation of management gurus are not going to have the over representation of Indians.

Loved this interview – to be able to see differently and a little rudeness and disrespect can elevate a meaningless interaction to a battle of wills and add drama to an otherwise dull day.

Finally, a depressing story but hopefully you won’t see it as anti-India – we have to accept the bad with the good that people say about us (as above).



Magic Dust

The French Philosopher, Ernest Renan once defined a nation as “a group of people united by a mistaken view about the past and a hatred of their neighbours


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice post


  2. Gaurav Goel says:

    I believe that the IT outsourcing industry that exposed millions of young middle class Indians to multinationals way of working in the early years of their careers between 1995 and 2005 would have profound impact on growth of Indian economy in next 20 years. The can do attitude, ability to think / act big, understanding of how multinational corporate operate in different industries and financial stability at early stages of life would provide all management talent and enough leaders required to fuel next stage of growth for the country.


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